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Aug 25, 2021 · According to him, certain banks refused to do business with OnlyFans due to the pornographic content on the site. As a result, the site risked losing its ability to process credit card payments ....

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Aug 20, 2021 · Many former OnlyFans performers have reported incidents of stalking, harassment, and blackmail by their subscribers. One UK based performer said an obsessed fan tracked her down and posted her personal information alongside an explicit image of her on a porn site after she refused to meet him in real life. Such stories are not rare..

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Edit: Just installed an outdated version of chrome and changed user agent in Worked fine for me, thank you anyways 👍 1 Vancore reacted with.

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19 September 2020, 2:00 pm · 5-min read. Model, Amanda Martin, 26, from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, who describes herself as having a sheltered and innocent upbringing, has revealed she now makes almost $2 million on OnlyFans following a huge transformation. After getting married at just 20 to a man who was in the Navy, Amanda decided to spend.

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